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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kentucky Grilled Chicken...

I’m sure by now everyone has seen the new KFC commercials and the new product they’re offering as KFC evolves their menu to meet the changing needs that appeal to those looking for a wide variety, great tasting food and non-friend options. I know myself, on a diet, watching what I eat and eating healthier KFC is one of the last places on earth I’d go to eat.

With their new Kentucky Grilled Chicken commercials, I’ve been rethinking making a trip to KFC. But there are a few things to look at. Really how much ‘healthier’ is their new Grilled Chicken product compared to just taking the skin off your regular KFC piece of chicken?

Well, let’s compare. If you go to Kentucky Fried Chickens website you can look up the nutritional information on most of their products. So the avid calorie counter I am went ahead and did this as soon as I saw their new Grilled Chicken.

Let’s compare the new Grilled Chicken breast vs. a regular piece of KFC chicken breast with no skin/breading. Serving size of the Grilled Chicken breast is 119 grams, serving size of a Chicken Breast with no skin/breading is 166 grams, the Grilled Chicken has 180 calories and the Chicken Breast with no skin/breading has 140 calories. Other things I’m concerned about is the calories from fat which is 35 for the Grilled Chicken and 20 calories for the Chicken Breast with no skin/breading. The total fat of each is 4 grams for the Grilled Chicken and 2 grams for the Chicken breast with no skin/breading.

Hmm, can we say marketing ploy? Honestly, getting a regular KFC chicken breast with no skin/breading is looking to be healthier for you than their grilled chicken. Saturated fat Grilled Chicken 1 Chicken Breast with no skin/breading is 2. Trans Fats for both are 0 and the grilled chicken wins with the sodium content of 440 vs. the 510 the chicken breast with no breading/skin.

So just be careful with all of these new ‘fads’ fast food places are going with their ‘healthier’ choices. Sometimes they’re not the best choice after all, but if you’re not really calorie counting or reading the nutritional information and just want some great Grilled Chicken, head over to KFC on April 27th for their UNFry Day and receive a FREE piece of Kentucky Grilled Chicken, be sure to tell me how it tastes cause I won’t be getting it anytime soon.


Cascia said...

I don't blame you for choosing not to try KFC's grilled chicken. Most food served in restaurants are not good for you. These companies use marketing ploys and claim that their food is healthy but usually it isn't the case. This is especially true with fast food. Good luck with your diet! Great post by the way. Thanks for sharing this.

photoquest said...

I actually went there the other day because the fam wanted Bojangles and i refeuse to eat that greasy stuff so i opted to go to KFC because of coarse i saw the ad so i thought i'd try it. For take out i thought it was pretty good if you were gonna eat take out any way, it beats the burger but frankly i'm not a fan of KFC because by the time you take off the skin and breading we should all be asking where's the chicken???? I honestly don't know how any of there chicken could have to much fat or anything eles for that matter after removing the outer batter there's not much left between that and the bone. I think they are slying anorexic chickens UGH!!! can't believe i said that :(

Petula said...

Thanks for this post... interesting. I have a friend who's been getting that chicken. I don't think I'd try it either just for the simple fact of having to take off breading and all of that. Subway is the way to go for me... if I'm going to eat out. :)

Kristie said...

That is really interesting that the grilled isn't really better than the chicken they already had! I'm shocked actually! I would have thought it would be a lot better for you just because it was grilled and not fried.

taysmommy said...

you won an award at my blog :)