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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dropper Friendly Entrecard user...

A lot of bloggers are pulling their EntreCard widgets from their sites because of the "paid advertising". Let me first tell you Don't do this!!! I love finding new blogs and following up on blogs via entrecard. There is a way to get those paid ads from not automatically showing up on your site. I did it, and now I reject ALL paid ads on my blog, rejecting them is no biggie, I'm just glad they don't automatically show up on my blog anymore.

Here's how you can change it so that you must approve/reject paid ads on your Entrecard:
  • Go to your Advert Settings
  • Make sure that Allow paid ads only if explicitly approved by you is checked
  • Make sure anything else regarding the paid ads are NOT checked
That's it!

Now in order to advertise via Entrecard and making sure that you're dropping your card in places that are NOT accepting paid ads, be sure to look for the Dropper Friendly image....

Display this by your drop widget and let the remaining EntreCard members that you will not accept any more 'Paid Ads'. Seeing a Dropper Friendly image on a site lets you know that you can advertise on their site and not get booted for 'paid' advertising. I've already got this on my own blog here, and refuse to accept any Paid Ads from Entrecard.


Natalie said...

I snagged the button and have put it up. :)

Petula said...

Okay, that's the part I didn't understand. So, the paid ads were booting off the regular entrecard/dropper ones? That's not good. I am gonna grab that button too.