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Sunday, March 8, 2009

A million excuses...

I could probably make up a million excuses to where I’ve been, why I haven’t been blogging. I could tell you that I’ve been super busy (which honestly I have been) or that the kids just wouldn’t allow it, writer’s block (well sort of), or that I’ve been shopping for vacuums, or I can tell you the truth….. Which would you rather hear? The excuse? Well……No, you know, I’ll own up to it and tell you the gods to honest truth about why I haven’t been blogging…..

I have an addiction. I can own up to it and be honest and say it, I’m not shameful about my addiction, I’m actually pretty upfront about it lately but I have yet to share it with my readers, and I think it’s about time that you knew just what I’ve been doing with my time the past week.

I’m addicted to…..Second Life! That’s right, I have an online gaming addiction. You can find me there just about any time of the day that I can get online. I’ve neglected my mommy board, I’ve neglected my blog and I’ve neglected my online Yahoo instant messenger sessions with my friends. I’m a bad bad girl who’s addicted to having a second life… But it’s OH SO FUN!!!!

If you don’t know what Second Life is, the pictures in this blog are my Avatar, or my virtual self in my second life. Her name, Batistalina Destiny (yes the name Batista is in there, you all know about my obsession with him), she’s a sexy beautiful woman, (who’s single fellas), and I’m currently looking for employment too… I’ve had a Second Life account for a few years, but never really got into it until just recently.

Second Life is an online 3D interactive virtual reality game; the entire world is influenced by those of us who use it. You have an avatar which you customize yourself in any which way and you can build and interact within the world with other users as well. There are so many places to visit; the world is huge just like in real life. There’s live music, dj’s and clubs you can go to as well, which is where you’ll find me most of the time.

So, there’s my real reason why I haven’t been around. Is there any other Second Lifer’s out there? Second Life's website is at

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