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Monday, March 2, 2009

The story behind the toy....

**Disclaimer: Some images and content may not be appropriate for younger viewers. This post is for those 18 years of age and older and may not be safe for work viewing**

More often than not, we browse the websites or stores, take a look at some adult toys within our reach and then decide whether or not to purchase them. If we’re browsing on a website we may read the few reviews of sex toys and decide if it’s something worth our time, or something we actually want or need. What do you actually look for in a vibrator, what is it you’re looking for the review to say? How do you realize if it’s something you want to purchase or not since it’s not something you can ‘try on’ or ‘try out’.

How about looking into the toys a little bit more? What about a behind the scenes sort of look at the creators and the making of the toys? Get to know the creators, get to know what the purpose behind the design is, it might help you with your purchasing decisions.

Recently Eden Fantasys had a great article and interview up with the creators of the We-Vibe a discreet, rechargeable and phthalate-free G-Spot Vibrator.

The Creators of the We-Vibe Bruce and Melody Murison have spent the last decade secretly designing this G-Spot vibrator. Bruce who is an ex-Nortel Engineer too his experience to work, and designed a toy that can be used during sex, without interfering with the act itself. This couple is currently in the works in developing the next revolution in sex toys.

Check out what their next venture includes and read up a bit on the interview, it may give you some better insights on the We-Vibe itself or other toys you might be thinking about trying.

You can view the entire article and interview by visiting the Eden Fantasys website, just click on the following link


Anonymous said...

uh, i am trying to figure out how one would use that during "the act" and not have it "interfere with the act itself" I think that thing has to get someone near the g spot and if so it is going to be right there, getting in the way.....
just wondering....
I'm probably a slow learner, LOL

Kristin said...

ROFL I picked this exact thing to review. *GIGGLE*