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Monday, March 9, 2009

Big sound quality from a small source...

I’ll admit, I’ve been a slacker in the iPod department. As much as we’re up on gadgets and technology, we never really had a reason for an iPod as our phones typically do the exact same function. So, up until recently I’ve never bothered to really want one. That is until I was introduced to the iHome iH15W Colortunes Color Changing speaker. Right then and there that’s when I knew I had to have an iPod.

The iHome iH15W stereo system with built in subwoofer not only looks pretty with all the different colors you can choose or even have it cycle through, but the sound is amazing! I didn’t expect much to come out of this little cube, but it packs a punch! I’ve been looking for an alternative to my book shelf system, and wanted to find a way to listen to my MP3’s without having to burn them to CD, and this seems to be my replacement.

Even without using an iPod the iH15W stereo system allows you to use other aux audio sources with it as well, which is great for us non iPod users. Check out the video below with me testing the system with just the use of the mp3’s on my cell phone. The quality is great, and the 5.5” cube gives you a whole heck of a lot of sound.

The cube has two Reson8 speakers and a passive subwoofer which gives you some THUMP to your songs. I did however convince my lovely husband to finally get me my own iPod Nano, and I’ve been using my iH15W almost daily. The great part is that you can simply dock your iPod into the docking station and leave it there, as it plays your music and it even charges your iPod at the same time, so no more batteries or dead iPods for me!

For me, my favorite thing is the sound quality, but if you ask my girls, their favorite thing about our new little gadget is the colors, the cube is translucent and the colors change just with a simple touch. You have the option of no color, single colors, fading colors, or colors simply cycling through.

This fun, cute, and sophisticated design is a must have for any music lover if you’re looking for something less bulky with a lot more sound. The iHome iH15W would be great for any party setting as well. You can find out more information about the iH15W or any more of the great iPod accessory products that iHome offers by visiting their website

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