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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Digger you'll be happy to see....

**Disclaimer: Some images and content may not be appropriate for younger viewers. This post is for those 18 years of age and older and may not be safe for work viewing**

Don’t German’s make some of the ‘better things in life’? Well, when it comes to sex toys it’s no exception. Fun Factory is one of the ‘luxury’ brand of sex toys, and one of the better ones around. When Eden Fantasys came to me asking to review another one of their products, the Dinky Digger by Fun Factory, I jumped at the chance.

The Dinky Digger II – yes a silly name – is a soft 100% silicone, waterproof vibrator. When I first got a glimpse of this product, I couldn’t help but chuckle just a little. Just looking at it, it wasn’t really my thing. I mean Fun Factory makes some great products, but this just isn’t something I normally would pick up off the shelf or order online, which is fine by me. I’m always willing to try out the latest and greatest and let you all know how it works out.

The Dinky Digger is very soft, and although has well……a mole it seems to look like carved into the shaft, with a slightly curved snub nose (great for g-spot or clitoral action). I took one look at it out of the package and thought, well….Let’s try it out, here goes nothing. With some smooth ridges and textures I thought for sure I was in for a pleasurable experience. First things first though, get those batteries in.

This is where I started to have a bit of trouble getting the battery cover off. After reading the instruction on how exactly to get this thing off, my hubby grabbed it and figured it out. In we popped 2 AA batteries (not included), and off we went to explore the wonder of the Dinky Digger.

I do have to say that it is a little short, but the variable speeds it has that can be easily adjusted with the dial is great, from a slight vibration to something more powerful, adjusting the speed yourself is fairly easy. However, I was a bit disappointed with this toy, only after a few minutes of varying speeds and thinking it might get better, I was in for some pain. Not a lot, not excruciating pain, but enough for me to say ok, enough this hurts.

The pro’s I can see with the Dinky Digger is that it is great for some clitoral stimulation, but any penetration it’s a no go for me. I also love the fact that it’s so soft and that it’s silicone, it makes for an easy clean up. The varying speeds are a plus too; it gives you the ability to choose what your comfort level is. My con’s, it’s a bit short, for some reason penetration gave me a few ‘ouches’ and is something we’re not able to do with the Dinky Digger, also the battery compartment is very hard to open.

I can’t give this toy a 10 out of 10, I’m not exactly sure what I would give it on a scale, but it’s defiantly not on my top list, it could be for someone else’s though, I have seen and heard some great reviews on it, and with it being a Fun Factory toy, I was really surprised that it wasn’t my ‘cup of tea’.

You can purchase the Dinky Digger II at Eden Fantasys, or check out some other great adult toys while you’re there by visiting their website

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great review. I own Dinky too and all it does to me is just wonders! Hope to see more reviews from you. I follow your blog and would value your recomendations.