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Friday, January 2, 2009

My M&M's...

One of my husbands favorite candies are M&M's and this past Christmas while trying to find a unique but great gift for him I was stumped. The girls actually wanted to get him some M&M's since they know that they're his favorite and lucky for me, Mom Central came to the rescue just in time to offer me the chance to check out Personalized M&M's!!!

I thought this would be GREAT to stick in his stocking for Christmas. You can personalize them in so many ways, from just text, to choosing your colors, or even putting pictures on the M&M's. I let the girls help me out in creating their gift to daddy. First stop was to head over to, the girls decided they wanted to have their pictures on the M&M's so we chose the Faces on M&M's option.

The process was really simple, the girls first picked the colors they wanted, then I uploaded 2 photos, one of Lyric and one of Aria. Then we decided on a message, since we got two photos we were able to have two different messages. The first one would say “I Luv U Daddy” and the second one would say “Lyric & Aria”. The girls had a lot of fun with this process and were so excited. We then edited the photos to make sure they were just right for placement on the candy.

They still look like M&M's just with a little added 'flair' to them, the usual M logo on the one side and then either a picture or text on the other, so there's no mistaking that you've got the original M&M candy in your hands.

This would be a great gift for so many occasions when your stuck for just the right thing. I was thinking, it's too bad we didn't know about these when we got married, or when the girls were born, what great gifts they would have been to have for a wedding with our pictures, and wedding date. Or even for the birth of a baby with their birthday and a photo. The great thing is, you're not just limited to the packaging or the gifts that they have available on the website, you can purchase your personalized M&M's in bulk (think like 5lbs of M&M's) and then bag them up as you see fit..

So if you have a special occasion coming up and you want to impress the heck out of some people check out the My M&M's website for some really fun and unique personalized gifts that will last in people's minds..The M&M's are so great, when my husband got them, he honestly didn't want to eat them he thought they were so cute, but well, he did, we did and they were just as tasty as ever!


Abby said...

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caseydeuce said...

What the heck! I never get any of these offers from them!!

Your M & M's came out so dang cute!! I'm jealous!!