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Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 the year of HOPEFUL renovations...

With the new year, so many new things pop into my head. My resolutions for myself, how I hope the year goes, and the so many things I want done to this house! We've been here for a little over 2 years already and I'm sick and tired of looking at this place. It's still not 'my house' style wise and I really would like to start 'upgrading' it to fit more of mine and my families style.

Not only do the walls need to be painted, the floors redone but I'd like to add some things to it as well, maybe some art work, put in some really great crown molding, and brighten up this place just a bit. There's so much work to be done, so many things to think of adding or re-doing. I tell ya, I spend countless hours on-line checking out home decor/interior websites and getting ideas, getting prices, and thinking what would look good.

One of the many great places I've looked around at numerous times is with so many different styles for molding and even had me thinking of adding some Corbels in the corners of the dining area, but I just don't think our house would look right with them. Not really my personal style either, although they are pretty.

I have searched around, and love the fact that I can find the molding that will fit my style and my house, as our ceilings are sort of curved from the wall to the ceiling so any molding just won't do. has various styles and even pictures so you can take a look at how they look after they're installed. It gives you a cleaner view of the crown molding once it's up rather than just looking at the molding without it being installed. Even the Corbels on their site, they're just stunning and I love the way you're able to view them on-line as if they were in a home setting rather than just looking at them at a hardware store and wondering how they'd look in your home.

Hopefully 2009 will be a good year and enable us to finally get something done with this house, both inside and out, this place could look so much better with a little time and work.

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._. said...

you totally should all gina-ify your house.. My apartnemt is still the boring wooden box it was 3 years ago.. I'm hoping to move this summer though, maybe I'll decorate that one LOL