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Friday, January 16, 2009

Healthy Ideas...

A lot of families are trying to be healthier, and Stop & Shop wants to help you do that. Stop & Shop has launched a new program called “Healthy Ideas” which is a new food labeling project that will help show and give families the healthier options at the grocery store.

Stop & Shop wants to make it easy for shoppers to find the healthy foods, and direct them in the right direction without having to read the labels and spend too much time in the isles. They know that calories, fat, cholesterol, and sodium are things that matter when choosing healthier options so they've developed criteria that evaluated foods based on the FDA and USDA guidelines. They also took the time to make sure that every Healthy Ideas food has at least 10% of the daily recommended amount of one nutrient such as Calcium or Vitamin C.

Next time your out at Stop & Shop, make sure to keep an eye outs for the Healthy Ideas symbol on shelf labels, and you can know that you're choosing healthier options for your family. For more information on the Healthy Ideas program visit

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