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Friday, January 16, 2009

Big Bang Mini

Both of my girls have a Nintendo DS. At first, it was a big issue in this house, especially with Aria, all she wanted to do was play Nintendo constantly, we found we had to set time limits and boundaries right away with her. Who would have figured an almost 3 year old would love the Nintendo DS so much, and be so good at it. She plays it more than her 5 year old sister does. With a time limit and schedule on when she can and cannot play it though, we've set our limits and she knows them. Her Nintendo DS is by far one of her favorite things still.

With her birthday coming up, one of the worst things we could think of getting her is another Nintendo DS game (since she has 5 of them already), but we still do it. I look, I watch for the newer games coming out that both the girls would enjoy, and I'm always finding Nintendo is coming out with something new that they would both love.

The newest game that will be in stores on January 20th is the Big Bang Mini game. The game looks like a lot of fun, I think more for Lyric rather than Aria.

The SouthPeak Games Website describes the game as:
A fast-paced shoot 'em up puts a new spin on classic arcade style game-play allowing you to blast down hordes of imaginative enemies with explosive fireworks launched at the flick of your wrist. Maneuver your ship through the enemy fire and falling debris as you collect stars from vanquished foes to advance towards big boss battles. A number of special powers will be made available as you move from one exotic locale to the next where one wrong move or one missed shot could be your last.

Main game mode offers up 9 fantastic worlds with 9 levels each ending with intense boss battles and bonus challenges

Post your top scores on the worldwide leader-board using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

5 game modes including Arcade, Challenge, Relax, Mission and Versus play

Exceptional art, sound, and game-play design keeps the game fresh as you advance.
This sounds really fun, I can't wait to check it out and see how it actually plays, and to see which one of the girls enjoy it more, because they constantly surprise me with that. You can check out the game and find more information by visiting SouthPeak Games.

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