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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Early Risers....

I have a couple of early risers. Well, at least one of them. Lyric will get up at the butt crack of dawn some days, and although she entertains herself or decides to wake her sister up and they go watch TV, I still don't like the idea of them up so early by themselves, never mind that they're loud and wake us up.

I've found the greatest invention ever (in my eyes). The Kidsleep Clock! This is perfect if you have little ones like mine who get up out of bed at all hours. The clock has a digital clock attached to it, as well as a wake up indicator. Two disc's come with the clock, the one we used the most is the wake up one. Once you set the clock, you set an alarm as well, and it's not one of those noisy ones that scare you to death in the morning. The disc's are used as the alarm. Here's how it works.

There are two images on the first disc, the top half shows the bunny up and about, the bottom half shows the bunny sleeping. You set the time you want wake up to be (ours is set to 8am). When it's night time, you'll see the bunny sleeping is lit up, you'll continue to see the sleeping bunny lit up all night (it's just a glow, not a bright light) until 8am when the light will switch to the top image of the bunny walking about, that's when the kids know that it's now time to wake up and they can get out of bed!

This has worked GREAT in our house! The girls no longer get up until they see that bunny up and walking around, then they rush into our room and tell us it's time to get up...So I get a few more hours of sleep rather than just waking up at 6am....It helps at night time as well, they know if that bunny is in it's bed, that's where they need to be as well.

The clock also has a 2nd disc that can be used for a night light only for babies. The disc has an illustration of a little sleeping bunny on it and emits a low glow for the perfect night light for babies.

Once the kids are a little older, you can change the clock to having an actual alarm sound. The small bird chips emitted from the clock give a child a great wake up alarm that's not so loud it scares them. There's also the small digital clock on the side that they can now read to see what time it is. There's also additional faces/disc's that you can purchase with other characters on them.

I say this is a MUST HAVE for parents with toddlers or younger kids. A great gift for a baby shower as it can grow with the child. You can check out the Kidsleep clocks by visiting their website


Trish said...

That is a really good idea! We weren't allowed to leave our rooms until 7 growing up. We all had digital clocks in our rooms, and you can bet we were taught early how to read them!

Anonymous said...

I love this!! I want to get a few of them for my grandchildren..They are wonderfull!!!

shopannies said...

I am just so happy that they finally developed something that helps with those who do not sleep but a few hours at night. I had some that would get up early and entertain themselves now sleep patterns as teens is go to bed late late and sleep late man how things change

Kristin said...

That's a fabulous idea1 LOVE it?!