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Friday, December 26, 2008

Windows at your fingertips...

My husband is a certified GEEK! More so, he's really into the cellular technology and cell phones. He's been working in the cell phone industry for over 7 years now and loves every minute of it. We've always got the latest technology and cell phones in our home and we're big fans of the Windows Mobile Smartphones!

Nowadays a cell phone is almost a necessity in life, and for busy people it's a must to have a lot more features on the cell phone rather that just the ability to make a phone call. Cell phones are now basically mini computers that help make our lives easier. We've been using Windows Mobile Smartphones for a while now and wouldn't go back to anything else in the world. If you are familiar with Windows on your home computer, you'll be just as comfortable with it on your cell phone.

Using a Windows Mobile Smartphone such as the Samsung Omnia one of the newest smartphones available; gives you easy to use features such as checking your email, easy syncing to your computer via a USB cable for the ability to transfer schedules/phone numbers/pictures/video, text messaging, instant messaging, games, and even browsing the Internet using a browser your familiar with.

My husband is a huge fan of the Samsung Omnia, it's one of the current phones he's trying to get his hands on. The Omnia not only features the great benefits of a Windows Mobile Smartphone but is also has a digital 5.0 megapixel camera integrated in it. After taking those pictures with your camera you can also use the Window Mobile feature to crop/edit your photos and post them on-line in seconds via your full HTML web browser. You can also use your Omnia to store and listen to the latest tunes via your music player or the FM radio built in. All of the features on your new Samsung Omnia phone can be accessed through a customizable touch screen display that also uses drag-and-drop widgets.

There are so many different Smartphones now that have the Windows Mobile platform with every different carrier. A Windows Mobile Smartphone is a must if your a busy person, or need something to make your life just a bit easier without dragging along your laptop everywhere you go. Check out the newest Windows Mobile Smartphones that are available for your cell phone carrier today by visiting the Windows Mobile website.

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