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Monday, December 15, 2008

Skinn Cosmetics

Skin care is something that is a big part of the winter season. I know for myself my skin dries out something crazy, especially on my face. I've tried many items for moisturizing and hydrating, hiding the dry skin, you name it. The one product I was using has suddenly stopped working so now what?

Well one of my favorite cosmetic companies Skinn Cosmetics has some great solutions that I'd love to try out, not only for my dry skin, but for the care and look of my skin in general. Tonight while browsing the channels I came across ShopNBC and low and behold I saw Dimitri James (the founder of Skinn Cosmetics) selling some of their items for some great prices.

Now I love my All-In-One Highlight, Contour, Bronze, and Blush 6 Color Compact and I'm running out so I thought I'll keep it here and see if I can get it at a great price. That was until I was turned on to the Skinn A New Outlook - Natural Look, Naturally set that they were selling. Something for dry skin, and to make your skin 'younger' and 'fresher' looking for the season. So many products in the kit (over $100 worth) for a super low price that was affordable. I jumped on it!!! Got on-line, went to and looked to order it... As soon as I found it, they shout out on the TV that they just sold out. How disappointing!!! Hopefully I'll get another chance, because December 15th Dimitri James and his Skinn Cosmetics line will AGAIN be on ShopNBC at 10am and 5pm est, that's if there's still product available. I'm crossing my fingers that it is, I need to give myself a Christmas present.

So if your around tomorrow at about 10am or 5pm (est) check out ShopNBC on your televisions and check out the Skinn Cosmetics line if you haven't already. I seriously love it and it does wonders for your skin and look without all the cakey heavy makeup or greasy lotions/oils.

You can also visit Skinn Cosmetics on their website: but be sure to check out ShopNBC December 15th for some great prices on some great sets.

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