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Friday, December 5, 2008

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

My girls favorite movie is Madagascar. Once Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa was hitting theaters they couldn't wait to see it, they were so excited. But what they were even more excited about was the chance to play their Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Nintendo DS game.

With so much excitement opening the package it seemed like my oldest fumbled to get it into her Nintendo DS, and then, once it was in... Away she went!!! She had so much fun with this game, the graphics were great, and the music was so fun, even her little sister enjoyed just sitting back watching her play.

All of your favorite Madagascar characters make an appearance in the video game, and you get a chance to play with and go on adventures with each one, from Gloria to Alex, Marty to Melman and even those crazy penguins too.

A fun thing about this game is not only how it's very educational and interactive, but you can play as a family or your kids can play against each other or even their friends with the multi-player tournaments and the various games to play with.

One of he educational factors of this game, is how it stresses the importance of our environment and how to protect it. Being able to teach this via playing a video game is a huge plus a the kids get to view the animals that do get hurt by the changing environment and how it could effect them and their lives.

My girls really enjoyed playing this game, they had a few difficult tasks where I had to help them out (when it came to reading some things) with but overall it was a great experience and a great game for the entire family to play with. And hey, if you have kids like mine who would love to take care of some jungle animals, this game is great, you get to play and interact with the cute/wild animals without having the danger or the extra cost of pet supplies.

If your kids are fans of Madagascar like mine are, be sure to check out the Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa game for your game system.
Thanks to: Mom Central

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