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Friday, December 12, 2008

Bend with The Bender Ball

Most of my regular readers know that I'm struggling with my current weight and looking into more exercise and eating right. I'm trying to have a lifestyle change, get this weight down and be a happier healthier person.

All those late night infomercials have a ton of products that claim to help me get rid of all of the excess body weight. So many gadgets and machines and videos, how do you know they work? Well, I guess you just have to try.

One of the many infomercials that I've seen late at night is The Bender Ball. I've always been interested in this. I'm not really a video workout type of girl and I really hate exercise balls, but this video and the small little Bender Ball that you use with it, looked like something I could give a go at.

The Bender Ball and Bender Method of Core Training was developed to target ALL of your abdominal muscles including your upper, lower and side abdominals. Great just what I need. I really hate that mommy pooch that most of us get after having kids.

The Bender Ball workout not only comes with the DVD but also comes with the Bender Ball and an on-line membership section to help you with an eating guide/meal plan and get some tips to help you achieve the results you want.

The trainer on the video Leslee Bender has been a fitness trainer for over 25 years, the thing I like, she's not one of those really annoying hosts that you have on your videos. She seems sincere and kicks your butt into making sure you get those exercises done and done right.

I'm so excited to have this video just in time for my 'lifestyle change' The Bender Ball isn't a hard workout, but it's not easy either. There's work to do, and you have to have the determination to get it done. Although I'm sure that after a few more sessions some of the exercises will become easier with time. I haven't noticed results yet, but I'm sure with the way the workouts are going, I will soon.

Another thing I liked about The Bender Ball workout is the actual Bender Ball. Working on your abs can sometimes hurt and be straining on your back and neck, I find the Bender Ball helps out tremendously with this.

Want to learn more about the Bender Ball? Visit

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1 comment:

Petula said...

That sounds really good. I hope it works out well for you... keep us posted!