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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mellowed Out!

That's my mood today. It's raining, I'm catching up a bit on my 'simpler' blogs that have to be done, and I'm pretty mellowed out.

I've got a dinner date with my BFF tonight, and looking forward to it. I just got word from Rodney that we've finally got our health insurance benefits. How great is that, I can finally after 2 years head to the doctors for some check ups and things without the worry of paying it all out of pocket. It's nice to know I have the security of insurance now especially as we travel a lot out of state and out of country.

Speaking of insurance, I always have to wonder (and yes, this goes back to my little wrestling addiction) with all the injury's and such, how these guys find an insurance company, or how high their premuims actually are if they do get insurance. Like the Hardy's for examply, do they have North Carolina health insurance? Cause those boys do some crazy things and especially Jeff is on the injured list more often than not.

Boy, talk about a rambling blog post, can you tell my head's out of whack today somewhat! I guess I'll leave it at that, I'm going to go back to listening to some more music, maybe that will clear my head. I've got to say though, if you see the post below this one, check out Seal's new album. I've always been a big fan of his but i'm especially loving this Soul album! My favorite so far is Change Is Gonna come. Especially fitting after the elections! Check it out!


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