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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Annoying Phone Calls

You know, I really hate the situation we’re in. Rodney was unemployed for a while not by choice but because of the state of the economy it forced his company to close. So even with unemployment we still got behind and we got into a bit of debt, we were working on closing those debts off before he lost his job but with being unemployed it’s just not possible.

The worst thing about this is the very annoying, very rude phone calls that you get from these collection agencies. I’ve now resorted to just now not answering my phone anymore if I don’t know the number, I’m just so sick of the harassment even when you tell them to stop calling. I’ve found that online you can now find something called a Harassing Caller Report, this has actually been helpful, I’ve been able to plug in some phone numbers that don’t leave messages to find out they’re ‘unimportant’ to me.

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