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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Water Babies from Wild Planet

It’s amazing the magic a baby doll can bring to a child. To watch them play, imagine, nurture and care for just a little doll sometimes warms your heart. I know my girls, especially Aria just love to have dolls to play with and they seem to have enough, but just recently we added a new one to our collection.

Our newest addition to our doll collection is a cute little realistic (or as close as can be) girl, whose name has not yet been determined. I do however know that she was born and brought to life from Wild Planet and came from a big family of Water Babies!!!!

Water Babies are such a great concept, you put warm water into the doll and it ‘feels’ almost realistic and warm to cuddle with as your own little baby. Aria just adores her doll and it’s probably the most played with doll around here right now. There’s no batteries, no noises, no nothing, just a simple doll you add water to and my 2 year old just loves it! It’s the perfect size for small little hands to hold, feed and love…

Filling the doll isn’t too hard; you just have to make sure that you take the doll’s clothing off prior to filling it up. Worried about that musty mildew smell with water inside the doll? Don’t be. Every Water Babies doll has an antibacterial lining but it is recommended you change the water inside at least once a month. To fill the doll you simply open up the valve on the dolls back insert the funnel (comes with the doll) and then slowly fill the doll with warm tap water. When you’re done, take out the funnel and close the valve. It’s really very simple.

Water Babies allows timeless innocent play and discovery between a child and her baby doll and with the warm look and feel of a real baby, your child is sure to have endless hours of play with her favorite new doll.

Water Babies are recommended for children ages 3+ and can be found by visiting the Wild Planet website.

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