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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Unique Personal Gifts

It’s winding down to that time of year again. Christmas! I don’t know about you guys but so many times I have no idea what to get someone, especially the older family members. A great idea is doing custom or personalized gifts. To me, this is a great idea especially if you have kids, who doesn’t want a gift with a great photo of the grandkids on it?

This year you can make a statement with your gifts and Angel Bags wants to help you. This online shop will help you turn your picture into a custom gift. Instead of sending photo cards, or packing those memories away why not use them as a reminder of those special moments as something you can use or display in public.

One of their top items is personalized photo purses; this is a great and unique way to showcase your loved ones. You can even customize the purse for one of your hobbies if there isn’t a photo you’d like to use, or use an Angel Bags photo purse to advertise your business or blog!

Angel Bags has gifts for every occasion and for every member of your family, their prices are just right as well. You can find so many different gifts for everyone and they've got a price range of gifts to fit anyone's budget.

The next time you’re stuck on a gift for someone, check out Angel Bags at and as a special offer to A Wrestling Addicted Mommy readers, Angel Bags has provided a free shipping code. Simply use the code: shippingwmb at checkout and you'll receive your shipping absolutely free!


Petula said...

This is a good idea. I may get one of these for my mom who lives in MD. She has never met my youngest child and she hasn't seen the others in quite awhile.

Michelle said...

That is a great idea Petula, with long distance being involved a gift like that will bring a tear to your mothers eye i'm sure.

I'm rattling my brain thinking of a present to buy my parents for this Christmas time and now I think with that bit of inspiration I will get a mini shopper bag with a family photo on.