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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shoe Lovers Unite!!

I'm a shoe lover, like many women. I'm sure some of my readers are as well. What's more annoying tho is finding the perfect pair of beautiful shoes, and they're WAY out of my price range. That just irritates me!

Well, thanks to Marshalls we can all breath a sigh of relief to those high price beautiful shoes. Marshalls now has an in-store shoe boutique called Marshalls Shoe Mega Shop! I know I'm a big fan of Marshalls for clothing as it is, you can find the best bargins there. As a mom, I'm always looking for the best priced things that are also fashionable, and Marshalls usually has it.

Well now, with Marshalls Shoe Mega Shop we can not only find the great bargin fashions, but we can find a pair of shoes to match and not break the bank. The new concept is 5,000 square feet of a shoe-lovers heaven, featuring the top brands and latest styles that can be found in department and specialty stores but for up to 60% less in price! They have a big variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from as well.

Right now you can have a fun way to win yourself a gift card from Marshalls and also learn more about this Shoe Mega Shop. See that little interactive widget below. Take a stab at it and play the game, you can enter yourself into a sweepstakes to win yourself a gift card from Marshalls of up to $250, think about what you could buy with THAT!

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