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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stay Warm!!!

The fall season is here, and with it brings chilly mornings and nights. As I sit here blogging sometimes curled up with a blanket, the one thing left to be exposed is my arms, they get cold too, and there's just no way around having a blanket fall off of them when typing.

Until now! I have discovered the BEST BLANKET EVER!! The Slanket is a blanket that you can use while blogging, reading, using the computer or any other time you need access to your hands and arms. It's basically a blanket with sleeves! It lets me be warm and blog at the same time. It’s very long and covers all of me but I’m only 5’0”, the true test is my hubby who’s 6’1” and I now have to FIGHT with him AND the girls over this blanket, it works for all of us. It’s soft and WARM and like I said before, one of the best blankets ever.

We love our Slanket so much that we’re going to be getting a few for gifts this holiday season. They also have a new Slanket Kids line with Slankets made just for the size of kiddos.

So while you’re curling up with your book this winter, playing on the computer or doing who knows what, make sure that you have a Slanket cuddled up around you. Visit to check out all their colors and order one for yourself or for a great gift for someone this holiday season. Keep your heating bills down while keeping yourself warm all season long.


RebekahC said...

Ooh, this is cool. I know a couple of people I might have to buy this for for Christmas. Thanks for the review.

Christmas Prezzies said...

This is so cool, i didnt know they even existed, but i know my wife (who loves curling up with all manner of blankets around her) will absolutely love it, so i have just ordered her one for Christmas!