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Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Glasses

You might remember a while ago I spoke about and their great prices for stylish prescription eyeglasses (starting at just $8), and how there have been rave reviews about their website from places like Fox News TV, and even heavily syndicated radio show, The Clark Howard Show.

I have yet to try them out; we really need to because they do have some great looking frames and great prices. Recently Rodney got new eyeglasses and the price for them was just crazy. I’d love to get him a few more pairs at reasonable prices, and this place seems to be the place to go. has new frames in that just arrived; some of them are very, VERY cute!! I need some glasses as well but well, I have to go get an eye appointment first. I think I’ve found a really cute pair that I’d like to purchase from this site and even a few pairs for Rodney as well. With their prices even just trying them out once is worth it, there’s no way you can find eye glasses around here for the prices they have. I’m a bit worried about ordering online, not knowing if the frame is right for me or not, but I guess that’s something to get over, their prices are just too good to pass up!

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