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Sunday, October 26, 2008

InstallShield Update Service

Computers are so important today in our lives. It seems like everything I do now has a computer related to it in one way or another, I honestly can’t tell you one person that doesn’t have computer technology somehow in their home. We do need to be able to use this technology and understand it as users though and unfortunately a lot of people don’t and rely on other’s to help them.

We need to be able to at least perform functions at optimal capacity when working with computers be it with the hardware or software. Software especially needs to be research and learned and the user has to have the ability to understand and update software as needed to get optimal performance. Most often times you can do this simply by visiting the software’s main website and finding the updated information there and how to update your program. You can also use the installshield service agent.exe this will allow you to access update information via your computer and the internet by allowing it to send notification to you about updates that are available. As a user you can set the frequency of update notifications to your computer so you can check periodically. Using applications like this make a computer even more user-friendly for those who don’t have the knowledge of updating programs/software.

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