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Thursday, October 2, 2008

I think I'm going crazy!!!

I must be in a weird or crazy mood today or something. Maybe it has to do with my children driving me insane this morning already. This morning I ran across the 2 words, Dallas Plumber. OK simple enough, but for me, a GIANT Dallas Cowboys fan (hey no ripping on me for that ) for some reason the first thought that came into my head was seeing one of the Dallas Cowboys players bending over under a sink with a plumbers crack. Yup, see I’m in a weird crazy mood. Then the next image that came into my head was one riding down the road, cowboy hat and plumbing tools. I think I’m officially insane. I’m sure that Dallas Plumbers look nothing like what I’m describing above (except the plumbers crack, yuck) but yea, that’s what popped into my crazy mommy brain this morning. I think I need some caffeine or some serious help.

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