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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beverages for kids

There are so many beverages out there right now that are geared towards kids. I’m finding more and more ‘water’ products available for kids now more than ever. Fortunately I have no real problems with getting either of my girls to drink water, but I know they’d much rather have some flavor to what they’re drinking, I don’t really worry about what they’re drinking so much right now (besides pop, that’s a TREAT if they get it.). The girls are nowhere NEAR overweight but we want to make sure that they make healthy choices even when it comes to their beverages.

Recently we got to try a beverage for kids called Bot. It’s a ‘water’ beverage designed as an alternative to high sugar fruit juice and other drinks your kids may be drinking. Bot Beverages contain 75% less sugar than juice and are only 40 calories per bottle (not that I think calories should even be a concern if your children are not overweight). It also comes in four different flavors: grape, orange, lemon and berry. We got to try all of them. Now, I’m not a fan of flavored water, so for me they were well, not very good so don’t take my judgment. Besides they were meant for kids. The girls tried all four flavors and they really did like them, they loved the orange and grape but weren’t big on the berry, and honestly they didn’t like the lemon at all although they did attempt to drink all of the flavors to give them a try you could clearly tell what their favorite flavors were.

The bottles are 100% recyclable and small enough for little hands and mouths. Bot Beverages are great in the way that they don’t sweeten their drinks with artificial sweeteners; they continue to use sugar, just less of it. It’s a great alternative to other drinks such as Gatorade, Powerade or other flavored waters that you might give your children there’s a lot less sugar and with the no artificial sweeteners that makes it even a better option for kids.

Bot also gives 1% of their annual revenue each year directly to an environmental organization that is part of the solution for a healthier planet. Last year they contributed The Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor, New Jersey.

You can find more information about Bot Beverages and where to purchase them (or even purchase them online) by visiting their website at www.


RebekahC said...

This sounds really interesting. Thanks for the post! I'm going to have to look around, to see if I can find this to try. I bet my girls would love it.


eyeslikesugar said...

Calories should always be a concern with every body. It's like budgeting money. You should never spend too much in excess... just what you NEED and the few things you want. This looks interesting; I'm always looking for healthier options for kids. However, my only issue is PRICE. With the economy the way it is, is the price good? I know you can't put a price on health, but is this better than some items found at the store for cheaper? I'll have to look into these and see. If they truly are better, I might have to try some of these. :)