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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yes, It is time for bed....

As a parent, life is sometimes crazy, chaotic, and downright unorganized to say the least. With two active girls, sometimes our daily routine just gets out of whack and out of order, I don’t know one minute to the next sometimes. This isn’t good for me, or for the girls. Thinking, we need a schedule of some sorts, some better organization, along came Milestone Parenting with their great concept.

My girls really like to do things on their own, but when I’m doing something else, sometimes it’s hard for them to know, whey they should be doing things, and when they shouldn’t. Well Milestone Parenting has come up with some great routine charts to help out. With two routine charts, both personalized with the girl’s names, we were on our way! The Personalized Bedtime Routine Kit wand the Personalized Daily Routine Kit both come with a chart, stickers which gives you the typical daily routines according to the type of chart, and a quick start guide.

The days (or nights depending on the chart) are planned out according to the stickers which depict an activity such as brushing your teeth, eating a meal, cleaning up toys, reading books and even bed time then you choose the right time for each ‘activity’ to be done. This was great for my girls since it was visual rather than words, and it taught them how to tell time at the same time! It allowed them to be able to do their daily routines on their own, without the help of mom or dad (most of the time), and they knew what was to be done when. With a digital clock next to their charts, they could recognize the digits written on their chart beside the clock. They knew exactly when it was time for dinner, time to clean up and time for bed.

The posters for the routine charts are great, durable and reusable! So are the stickers, so this makes changing a routine easy, simply change the time and away you go!

If you need some help with daily organization for your kids and family check out Milestone Parenting on their website:

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RebekahC said...

That's a very cute idea. I'll have to check them out. Thanks :)