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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stains, Stains, Stains

Oh the stains!!! I can’t believe how many stains a house can incur, with children and pets (and sometimes even husbands), it’s an unavoidable part of a mom’s life. The number of times I’ve tried to stop a stain from happening is uncountable. In fact right now we have a lovely stain on our nice area rug from my children, who thought it would be a good idea to get into some of mommy’s peppermint foot cream and get it all over them, and leave a wonderful pink stain on our carpet. We’ll get back to that though later on in the post...

When I was approached by Mom Central with the opportunity to review a product from WD-40, I jumped at the chance; it was just what I’ve needed for that pesky stain since nothing else seems to work. And with the WD-40 name behind it, I was intrigued. I was sent the Non-Toxic Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain & Odor Eliminator as well as a sample piece of carpet, and some things to stain it up with (chocolate sauce and ammonia). The Spot Shot is supposed to make stain and order removal easy and family friendly.

I can say, I was very impressed with the Non-Toxic label on the bottle, I’m always looking for safer cleaning products around my house, and it’s also environmentally friendly, another great plus. Spot Shot should eliminate old tough stains as well as new stains, and also neutralize smells though the dual-odor eliminators, it also incorporates anti-resoiling agents into your carpet to help prevent stains from returning. So to make the review great, and real, I took out the carpet sample, and went on my way, staining it with the ammonia (COUGH oh my, that stinks), as well as the chocolate sauce.

My one issue already, is that you could tell the carpet sample has been treated, as the chocolate sauce almost rolled off of it in little beads. I continued to rub both the things in really well in order for it to be saturated. I also decided to add my own experiment by adding some orange soda to the carpet. I let it sit for a while, get that stain in good, and then proceeded to use the Spot Shot.

First I tried it on the ammonia, rubbed it in with a damp cloth and didn’t see a stain left in its place. I did however let it sit and dry, and I can still smell the ammonia. Now it’s not as strong as it was, it smells almost like hair dye now in the carpet… hmm… Onto the next test...The chocolate sauce. Again with a damp cloth I rubbed the carpet with the Spot Shot, and it seemed to come out pretty easily and well, I was impressed. Now the big challenge, the orange soda. Not so impressive! It took a while for me to scrub it out, and I can still faintly see that it is there after the amount of scrubbing and the drying time. So sad to see. I did notice something else thought after I lifted the carpet sample up on my floor. The orange soda that did come out of the carpet sample, didn’t lift, it actually was pushed thought the carpet and ended up on my floor. I am so not impressed now.

I moved on, and back to that stain I was telling you about before, the lovely pink lotion stain on my carpet. I’ve tried everything to get it out, and I thought maybe this will help, even if it only pushes the stain through, at least I know now and can get to it under the carpet tile right away. Well…Spot Shot didn’t get my tough stain out. It may have lightened it a little bit, but nothing that I could tell really had changed. I was so disappointed. I used a damp cloth, I used a sponge and I also used a scrubbing brush to try to work with Spot Shot on this stain, but to no avail, it just wasn’t going to come out. I’m so disappointed. I can’t say I highly recommend Spot Shot to other mom’s for stain removal or odors from my own experience, just from my simple tests; it didn’t make a pass for me.

You can however check it out for yourself, and maybe you’ll have a better experience than I did. You can find more information about Spot Shot by visiting the website: on the website it also claims that they do have a money back guarantee, so I guess if this is something I’d bought, I’d probably be taking them up on that offer.

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