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Thursday, September 18, 2008

R.Kelly Speaks...

I'm sure a lot of you know about the R. Kelly sex scandal trial that has gone on. He was found innocent (really? how that happened is beyond me), and now he's speaking about it.

I used to be a huge R. Kelly fan, his music is great, the man can sing and turns out hits like no tomorrow, but the man has an issue, and it needs to be addressed. I can no longer consider myself a fan, nor listen to his music after the claims (and also seeing the sex tape, come on it was him, no doubt about it). It's quite clear that this man is a pedophile, a child molester whatever you want to call him, he's it. People that are sitting behind him (fans) who are cheering him on, offering him support really need to open their eyes to this man. I know I don't want my children listening to some man singing that could potentially hurt them. As usual, because he's a celebrity, he gets an innocent verdict and a slap on the wrist. When is the law going to be on the sides of the citizens, and of the sides of our children instead of the sides of these celebrities?

R. Kelly makes me sick...I hope that somehow, somewhere someone speaks up and tells the truth about him, or it's found out somehow...You can check out his BET interview where he speaks out below:

One thing I am proud of....Funk Master Flex, thank you for speaking out, speaking out publicly about this sick poor excuse of a man. It takes a lot for one celebrity to speak out about another, and I praise him for that. So many people see the truth of this man, why the law/jurors didn't is beyond me...

For the girls who have been abused and taken advantage of from him, I only hope that they realize they're under age, he's a grown man, and it wasn't a good thing that happened, at the time, I'm sure all they think of is "Oh, My God, this is R.Kelly" but in reality, it was abuse and something very WRONG that happened to them...


Yasmine said...

watching that interview you can so tell hes guilty. i felt sick watching him talk through the interview- half the things he said just didnt even make sense to me!
When he says he has 19 year old friends and he doesnt like anyone illegal- it really makes me wonder why he wasnt found guilty- i guess thast what money and the power of "celebrity" can do.
"cant be found guilty for being found inocent of being guilty"
That just spells guilty to me. I think they interviewer was thinking the same as we all are

Petula said...

I totally get what you're saying. Although I haven't followed the case or seen the sex tape, I have heard a lot about it. For some reason my computer is acting up today and I couldn't view the interview, and I've never seen it. My stance is this when it comes to celebrities: I make no judgements. I would like to think that a jury or judge based a decision on all the evidence - some of which we (as the public/onlookers) aren't privy too.

On the other side of this: If he is guilty like most people think he is then he has to answer to a much higher power than us and hopefully one day he will have to take responsibility for the wrong he has done. And, you're right, girls who are in situations like this need to realize that in most cases they are being victimized and we should not support someone if we know that they are harmful to our children.