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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Keep It Organized with Labels

It’s back to school time!!! Not only is it an exciting time for the kiddos, but for the parents as well, after dealing with their kids all summer, back to school is an awaited ‘break’ from it all! Back to school doesn’t start in this house till 2009. Lyric will be starting Kindergarten next year and she’s so excited. With all the back to school things going on, it’s already making me think of next fall and her first trip to school. What will she need? How will we do things? It’s a big change in our household as I’m sure it is for many families when their oldest heads off to school.

One thing for sure we can use around the house now, and for when school starts is a great solution for labels. That’s were DYMO steps in; they’re one of the business that helps people organize and identify their world. With products from embossers, label makers, desktop products and even industrial portables and computer-connected products, DYMO label makers offer functionality for just about anyone. I know around here we could sure use one to label the multiple toy bins that the girls have, we could use it for address labels, kitchen functions and the many file folders that we have that currently are a mess to go through without the proper labels.

With school in session labels are an easy way to organize and keep track of things, print out labels to keep on your kids belongings so if they get lost, they’re easily identified as to who it belongs to. Binder spines are the perfect place for labels, easy to just pull out of the locker without having to search to see which binder is for which class.

DYMO provides all this and more with the labels and labeling accessories. Visit the DYMO site for all of their Back To School products and see how they can help you or your child.

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Michelle said...

we just have personalize print our return address labels, actually need to go there and start orderign our christmas return address labels