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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How to teach responsibility

Responsibility isn’t something that you’re born with. It’s something that you’re taught. It’s something that we as parents need to teach our children as they grow. We need to give them the guidance and tools so that as they grow to be adults, they’ll know what it means to be responsible. Sometimes figuring out where to start or how to even teach kids about responsibility is a hard thing, that’s why Liberty Mutual has started the Responsibility Project.

Thanks to Mom Central for introducing this great site to me. The Responsibility Project is a must see site for parents and kids to see and learn about responsibility. This great resource can help parents talk to their kids, and give ideas on how to start teaching personal responsibility. Because of the overwhelming reaction from viewers who have seen the Liberty Mutual commercials based on the “pay-it-forward” concept, this great site was developed to share and discuss this quality of responsibility. Resources that are included in the Responsibility Project are some short films, discussion guides, and a great blog which enables families to teach and talk about personal responsibility.

The films are all great, they’re not just for older kids either, me and my girls sat and watched a few of the films on the site. It opened some discussion with my oldest about responsibility and responsible actions and even team work. Her favorite film was Dinner for Two, which was great as it taught about the responsibility of sharing and how to resolve conflicts.

As a parent, this is a great site you have to check out with your kids, visit The Responsibility project from Liberty Mutual at

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