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Friday, September 12, 2008

Have a Healthy Halloween...

Looking for a great alternative to candy this Halloween, that kids will still enjoy and not turn their noses up at, or well....egg your house for giving them a sucky treat?

Try the Snikiddy Snacks!!! I've mentioned Snikiddy before and how much my girls enjoyed the snacks (as did I....see review). These would be a great alternative this Halloween to hand out rather than the usual hard candy, chocolate, chips etc. Why not give kids a healthy alternative that they'll enjoy and will taste great.

The Snikiddy Snacks Organic Cookies snack packs are delicious and a healthier alterntiave to candy for trick-or-treat goodies this Halloween. With snack packs that include Chocolate Chippers, Cherry Oaties and Banana Nibbles as well as high quality ingredients, a positive message and a great taste, kids wouldn't know the difference. All they'll see is a great snack pack of yummy cookies that they'll enjoy.

Visit Snikiddy today at and pick up some Organic Cookies snack packs or look around and see what else you can find for your own kids, or for a great trick-or-treat handout this year for Halloween...

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