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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Have A Healthy Day!

Let your kids enjoy the snacks while feeling a little better about giving them. Snikiddy has organic snacks that both children and adults will love. And as parents we can feel a little better about giving our kids those delicious snacks that they crave (while sneaking some for ourselves as well). Snikiddy has great snacks that taste good and can be good for you as well.

All of Snikiddy products are USDA certified organic and are free of any pesticides, herbicides, and genetic modification. Snikiddy leaves out all that bad and unhealthy stuff that our bodies have no use for but keep all the great things e can use, including the flavor! A favorite in our home especially with my kids was the Grilled Cheese Puffs, Chocolate Chippers and Cherry Oaties. The kids couldn’t tell the difference between these and regular “bad for you” snacks. They ate them up. With individual packets they’re perfect for school lunches or on the go snacks.

These are the perfect snacks for back to school, give your kids the snacks they love without the guilt, being healthy doesn’t mean losing flavor or great things to eat and Snikiddy’s has proven that. Snikiddy insists on top quality USDA certified organic ingredients and use time-tested delicious recipes for their products. Snikiddy also encourages kids not only to eat right and healthy but to get active as well. They have many various programs in which they strive to help the earth and those of us in it.

Visit the Snikiddy website for more of their products and where you can buy them, pack them up for your kid’s back to school lunch and you’ll see smiles all around.

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