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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Group Organization...

Mom’s today have a lot on their plate, besides keeping the home and family organized you have to think about all those extra activities that go on throughout our lives. Families today seem to participate in so many different groups and activities I can’t understand how some people keep everything organized and know who does what at what day and what time.

Thankfully we have yet to run into this situation, but as the girls get older, I know the more activities and groups that we’re going to end up participating in, it almost is a headache just thinking about it.

There’s one place that seems to have the solution for this ‘hectic lifestyle’ though. is a web-based resource that’s here to make organizing your group activities so much easier. Qlubb makes it possible to connect with all of your group members and easily organizing dates, member rosters, reminder services, calendars and much more. You can easily communicate with other group members online at your leisure. Another great feature is the secure sign in that protects the group’s information. Only those who have access to your group can see all the features and have access to your group. You can also take the hassle out of individual registration and have one sign in and one group password to pass along to all your members.

Having Qlubb around seems to make things a lot easier to organize things, dates and times rather than using a regular calendar and making tons of phone calls or individually emailing people to organize things.

Check out and register your group today. Make your lives less hectic with some easy organization.

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