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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Great Masquerade!

That time of year is coming again. The time for all of us to let down our hair, and mask who we really are. Halloween season is upon us, and I can’t be more excited. Halloween is a fun holiday, and something we as a family have fun with every year. As the girls get older it becomes more fun. Like last year, we’re hoping to head up to Canada again this year so I can take the girls trick or treating around my old neighborhood. Last year they had a blast and my best friend came with me to take the girls around. As cute as they looked (Lyric was a dead cheerleader and Aria a pink poodle) they had just as much fun. Ok, maybe Lyric a bit more than Aria as she was in the stroller the whole time because she just didn’t get the concept.

This year they each want to be something different so I am scouring different halloween costume stores to find the perfect costume for each of them. Aria wants to be a monkey with a banana, and Lyric wants to be (go figure) Hannah Montana. With money being tight, I’m not having the easiest time finding ‘cheaper’ costumes, but I’m sure the more I search and the more I think we’ll have something in time for Halloween.

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