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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Get Back To The Table Month

In today’s families it’s getting rarer to have a family dinner together. There’s so many different activities going on, lessons, meetings, and parents working, it’s hard to find the time to actually sit down and have a meal as a family. I remember as a child, we made it a point to have family dinner every night and talk about our day. I notice in my own family this is something we’re lacking and I hope to turn that around. Even though my children are young, once they are in school, it would be nice to have a family sit down and a time to connect with each other about our days.

Recently Mom Central did a survey and even though 98% of the mom’s polled think that yes, children do benefit from eating meals at the table with the families, only 61% of families actually do this every day. I guess I’m guilty of being one of those mom’s and families.

A company who wants to help in the effort to keep families together at dinner time is Libby’s. They’ve even launched a “Get Back to the Table Month” campaign on a website: When visiting the site you can find many helpful hints and resources as well as recipes and shopping lists and money saving advice. Things to help you as a mom and to help you as a family get back to that table together. Not only do they have the helpful resources but they also highlight the benefits of establishing a regular family sit down dinner together. They mention that families that eat together have children who tend to:

• Perform better in school
• Have a lower risk of smoking, drinking, and drug use
• Have a higher self-esteem
• Develop stronger interpersonal relationships
• Eat Healthier
• Teenage girls develop a healthier body image

To help out families with their dinner budgets, and to make things quicker and easier for our busy lives as mom’s Libby’s provides canned veggies to help ease our dinner dilemmas and time constraints. It makes for an easy and healthy part of your meal.

So tell me, do you have dinner as a family? How do you make sure that this is an ongoing ritual in your home? If you don’t do this already, how can you strive to help your family have family dinner sit downs?

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Alabama Book Worm said...

Hey. Just found your blog and I am loving it! WWE Wrestling is one of my secret, guilty pleasures, too.