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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dating a Millionaire?

Yes, I’m married. I love my husband to death, but what would it be like to date a millionaire??? I can only ever think about what it would be like, because well, we’re not millionaires and we never will be. I do have a single friend though (yes D I’m talking about you), who really needs to just get out there and date more, have fun…Maybe she should look into dating some good looking rich guys, D maybe you could one day be one of those Millionaire women I think you should give it a try!


Ailene said...

Well, I'm married too, but if I were to date a millionaire, he wouldn't be a millionaire for long, because I'd spend all his money! :)

Linda said...

LOL Wouldn't it be great to date a Millionaire! My kids would be happy even if I weren't! LOL Too bad they are few & far between and would rather not date an overweight 40+ women with teens! LOL
Great thought though,