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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crochet is Cool!!

I'm not really big on knitted or crochet items, it's just not me, but when I saw the newest line of handbags from The Sak I actually fell in love. And to think, they're crochet, it's pretty unbelievable that this is something I would love to have, but it's true! I'm a big fan of handbags in general, but I'm very picky at the same time. Between shoes and handbags it's a tossup as to which I love more.

The latest line of handbags from The Sak bring crochet from grannyish to being hip! Sakroots is a tribute collection celebrating The Sak's 20th anniversary and they're using that to show their new collection which is inspired by the natural surroudings of Bali, Indonesia where the brand has very strong roots and they're growing strong! These stylish new bags feature The Sak's signature honeycomb weave in rich fall colors such as olive, flint, sangria, taupe, black and coffee. Each bag also has a functional top zipper and has a great removable beaded bracelet which you can wear on your wrist or use to decorate your bag.

Sakroots retails from $79 - $89 and is available now at select retail locations and be sure to check them out, there's so many cute new bags that are just calling my name, and I'm sure you'll hear your name being called too once you take a peak!

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