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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


As happy as I am to see that fall is on its way, I’m also sad and uncomfortable at the same time. The relief from the heat is really nice, I love the cool breeze, the fall colors and the ability to wear nice comfortable warm clothing again, but Autumn is the time that my seasonal allergies flare up.

The itchiness, tingling, sneezing, and watery red eyes gets the best of me. Today they’re on full force and I’m laying here in my bed blogging because I just feel like a brick has hit me. It always amazes me that in the spring I’m usually ok, but come fall, forget it, I’m a mess. I’m not one to take medications, never mind the fact that most allergy meds really don’t work for me at all. It’s hard though on days where I feel like this. Thankfully the trip to Canada enabled me to be able to pick up the only allergy medication that works. Reactine. Unfortunately you can’t purchase it here in the US so I try to stock up on the expensive great working stuff.

So, today I curse my body, I curse the earth!! DAMN YOU ALLERGIES…..I hate when something overpowers me so much…..

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