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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tonights the night

Tonight's the night, I procrastinated enough and I can do it no longer. With all that's going on, it's been a stretch for me to even get online and hold conversations let along even give my blog the attention it deserves. With my mind on perfecting my husbands resume, cover letters and the many other business letters that I write it's hard to find the time to relax and blog. I'm going to strive to do my best and try to at least get back on my game tomorrow. I've been behind on so many reviews/giveaways that if I truly wait any longer, I'm going to drown myself in a sea of products soon.

But, onto tonights blog. We have 2 winner's to announce from past giveaways that are very overdue (and I'm so sorry for that).

First, we'll do the giveaway for the Sunny's Adventures book and poster which ended Aug. 7th 2008. Winner was chosen using

The winner of a copy of Sunny's Adventures and an autographed poster from the author Leketha Johnson is.......

Commenter #38:

kimberly said...

I subscribe to your blog.

Second giveaway winner, for a Mugwaz flip flop kit in their choice of color and size which ended on Aug. 6, 2008...The winner was once again chosen via is...................

Commenter #71:
carol drury said...
the party kits are great
for me it would be purple in 9

Congrats to the winners, I'll be in touch via email shortly. I promise you guys will see some new reviews for some great products and a few giveaways up tomorrow sometime. I'd also like to thank all of you who are keeping us in your thoughts & prayers right now, we're (well Rodney) is still on the job search, he's got a few leads but hasn't landed anything as of yet. We're still holding on to hope that something bigger and better is awaiting for him out there somewhere.

1 comment:

kristleharrison said...

Gina, I really hope that this new job that R interviewed for is the something "bigger and better" for you guys!!! I'm crossing my fingers for ya'll! :)