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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Manner's don't come naturally...

Manners don’t just come naturally as a part of who you are when you’re born. It’s something that we’re taught in life. It’s something that now as a mother; I try to teach my children about.

Well Hasbro has created a great game to help get the kinds into learning mode about manners while having fun at the same time. Noodleboro is a series of games aimed at children 4 and up that encouraged using life skill such as sharing, good manners and active listening. The three games: Learning To Share Fun Park, Learning To Listen Pizza Palace and Learning about Manners Picnic Basket game all come with the game as well as a CD containing songs and a book which has stories and tips that reinforce the lessons being taught in the game itself.

Mom Central was nice enough to send us the Learning To Listen Pizza Palace game to try out before its official release. Learning To Listen Pizza Palace is a game for 2-3 players ages 4 and up. It contains 2 pizza boxes with pizza crust, 2 pizzas which insert into the plastic crust (the holder), 25 pizza topping cards, a chef’s hat place keeper and a score board. It also contains the CD and Book that can be found with each game box. The girls really had fun with this game as it involved making pizza (their favorite). This game encourages listening skills and teaches the children to pay attention to detail as well. The player who makes the most correct pizza’s wins the game.

It was really fun playing this game as a family and being able to not only have fun, but have a life lesson in there as well while playing the game with the kids. We made it a great family night pizza and all.

You can find Noodleboro games by Hasbro in Target stores this month. As a special offer you now have a chance to receive a coupon and become one of the first Moms to purchase and play Noodleboro with your children. Click here to take a brief survey and get the coupon (limited cities).

Mom Central is also giving away 200 Noodleboro games to some lucky people. You can enter to win your own Noodleboro game from Mom Central, just go here and take the survey.

1 comment:

Kara said...

Love your post Gina. I completely agree that manners are something learned and I am so glad you had fun playing the game with your family :)