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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Light the way...

Sometimes it's so dark at night in this house. Trying to save money, not all the lights go on now all of the time. We have the hardest time in our stairway going up to our second floor, there needs to be a light put in there because it's pitch black if the downstairs and upstairs lights are all off. Maybe it's time to invest in a Surefire 6P flashlight to light our way up and down the stairs at night. That way there's no fear of missing steps and well, falling down, or up the stairs.

1 comment:

Dresden said...

Personally, Gina, I would get my self one of those Fenix flashlights instead of the Surefire 6P; the former lasts far longer and has a brighter beam than the latter, and it's small enough to use outside. Just thought I'd help you out.