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Monday, July 7, 2008

Renuzit Tri Scents

I'm always up for trying new things for my home. Recently I was lucky enough to get to review the new Renuzit Tri Scents TriScents Transform Your Home kit.

My kit not only included the great smelling Seaside Breezes collection of the scented oil air freshener, which includes the Relaxing Waves, Beach Breezes and Ocean Oasis scents, but also included tips from Tanya Memme (host of the A&E show Sell This House) and a coupon book which included a $2.00 off Renuzit TriScents Air Freshener kit coupon.

The air freshener has been placed in my living room and in reality makes the entire bottom floor of my home smell great. Renuzit TriScents Scented Oil Air Freshner will gently refresh your home wiht the three harmonious scents which will transition every 45 minutes to creatn an always enjoyable renewed scent. It will allow you to enjoy a longer lasting always fresh scent for up to 60 days when used at the lowest setting, you can also control the intensity of the fregrance to allow for large and small rooms in your house.

Want to try Renuzit TriScents products? Try it by visiting and printing out your coupon for your very own Renuzit TriScents starter kit. The Starter Kit retails for $9.99 and each refill is $4.99 thereafter.

Let your home be the envy of friends and loved ones, or better yet, share your secret with them!

1 comment:

Grateful Gramma said...

I printed off the coupon but it's only for $3 off on the starter kit. Not bad, but not free either.