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Monday, July 7, 2008

Packing Tips...

So I'm sitting here blogging instead of doing laundry and packing. I am so not in the mood to do it today, I know I need to though. I'm one of those people who will pack and it looks like we're moving there. I can't do that this time, there's 8 of us going on this vacation and we're all going in 1 car. How am I going to NOT pack a lot??? We're going for a week! I always have the "What If's" in my head, especially when it comes to packing.

I ran across a site called gnmparents and they have 10 tips on packing for a family vacation. Here's what they have to say:

*Limit each family member to one suitcase and one toy bag.
*Make sure the toy bag can zip closed.
*Pack just enough clothes for the time period of your choosing and plan to wash them during the trip.
*If you have the car DVD players put all the DVDs into a plastic box.
*For trips longer than a week, consider renting a luggage carrier.
*Devote one bag to first aid and medical supplies.
*Use a cooler that plugs into the vehicle
*A large laundry basket does well to hold all the rest of the food supplies
*A smaller plastic box can hold helpful supplies
*Gather coins and some dollars in a zip-close sandwich bag and keep near the driver’s seat
Some of those tips won't be applied but I have to make sure the kids have enough things to keep them interested in the car, enough clothes/toiletries etc. ACK I'm a mess, who wants to do my packing for me?????

Do you have any other tips that I may find useful?? Feel free to leave a comment and send them my way!


Katie said...

I don't know how helpful this will be, but years ago when I was in high school and our band took trips, the director told us to lay all heavy things, like jeans and sweatshirts in the bottom and then roll our tshirts and light weight items and place them on top. They take up less room this way and you can kinda squish them in.

Ana said...

Oh I'll be bookmarking this post for our next vacay trip. I'm the worse when it comes to packing! The hubster says I pack like I think we are never coming back. Whateve's! lol