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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Powerhouse Wellness Probiotic Bars

On my journey to the "healthier" me, (which also includes my family) I'm always on the lookout for healthier snacks and foods. I ran across Attune by browsing the web one day, viewing their various bars they looked like a good source for a healthy and delicious snack we could all enjoy during the day, husband and kids included. Upon receiving our sample Wellness bars from Attune, I was pleasantly surprised that the kids actually took to them. These bars were great!

Attune Wellness bars are not only packed with flavor, but they contain five times the live active cultures that you'll find in yogurt. I'm not new to probiotic's, usually I buy the enhanced yogurts with probiotic's in them, we have to look out for our digestive health too, but now that I've found these bars, it might be a nice change from yogurt for once. Not only are they yummy and contain probiotic's but you'll also find they are a great source of calcium, protein and each bar contains 3 grams of fiber!

My favorite of the bars, looked a little small, but the taste was gigantic! The very yummy chocolate probiotic wellness bars. You don't think of chocolate as the most healthiest thing in the world, so I didn't expect much out of them, I thought they'd taste bland or just plain gross like a lot of other chocolate 'health' bars, but to my surprise they were just GREAT, with flavors like dark chocolate, chocolate crisp, blueberry vanilla and chocolate mint, you'll be surprised at the great flavor these pack in, and the best thing, only 100 calories per bar! The granola probiotic wellness bars are equally tasty and these are what my girls enjoyed most, with flavors such as Strawberry Bliss, Wild Berry, Lemon Creme, or Mango Peach they're sure to please anyone, and they're great bars for on the go, just throw them in your bag and you have a healthy snack for later during the day.

Attune Foods has hit these great probiotic bars right on the money and on my taste buds, something you can use to help with your digestive health and take with you on the go, this is much easier than yogurt!

You can find the nearest store near you that carries Attune Foods Probiotic Wellness bars by going to their website, while you're there, check out their samples for free Attune Bars. Each day they giveaway 100 Attune Bars to the first 100 people, check it out each day to be sure you get your sample.

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