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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Light the way

We have an issue with the girls; it's more an issue with Lyric than Aria. She hates to sleep in the dark. I don't know if it's the fact that she's scared of it or what, she's never really said, but she has to have some sort of light on at all times. We've tried some night lights but the bulbs don't last or we find the girls break them very easily by snapping off the decorative part over the bulb. Our newest solution was to keep the fish tank lights on in their room all night. Not a good solution for the fish as we found out it made a lot more algae and clean up for us, but for the girls, they were satisfied.

That was until I found the perfect solution for everyone...The Mr. Beams Stair Light. This light is amazing and very easy to install in just a few minutes by using a stick adhesive (which we opted for) or by screws, there's absolutely NO WIRES for this to be installed which is great because you can put this anywhere you want. As I said, we're using it as a night light in the girls rooms, but your not limited to indoor use only. The Mr. Beams Stair Light has a weatherproof design so you can use this inside or outside to use on decks or patios or stairways.

Here's how the light works, it has a motion sensor which is great, so if one of the girls get up through the night to go potty, it lights up brightly so they can find their way. After when no motion is detected (after 20 seconds or 1 min.) the light returns to the low-glow mode (which is detected as well once darkness starts to hit).

The light does require batteries (3 "C" batteries), which is one negative point for me, anything more in this house that requires batteries gets a point knocked off...BUT...the batteries should last more than 1 year with normal use, so that's always a plus that they do last long.

This is one great, powerful little LED light that has been found useful in our home. You can check out the stair light by visiting, while you're there check out some of the other products they carry as well such as spotlights, motion sensor lights, closet lights and more.

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