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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Black Pope Unveiled...

Apparently. Those of you know I'm a big wrestling fan, also a big Elijah Burke supporter and friend of his as well. Currently run his Myspace page, as well as co-admin/webmistress of

It's been sad to say that WWE has not utilized some of their great talent. Elijah Burke is one of those guys never used to his potential. However, it seems that the push we were waiting for might actually come. Spoke with him the other night and he told me big changes were on the way. I expect that one of these changes will be my prediction of him moving to Smackdown, which would be one of the best moves for him. On other change seems to be his new "Black Pope" gimick he's been talking about for a while now. Finally as of Sunday night at a dark match, we have a new photo of the new 'look' that our Black Pope Elijah Burke will be sporting.

I'm hoping they go a little more into the gimmick than just this look, I personally friend and fan speaking, am not feeling it. If he's going to be "The Black Pope" I feel they need to add a little more to the look for the gimmick to go over more with the Fan's.

1 comment:

Ana said...

I'll be the first to admit I know nothing about WWE. But I think that's so cool you know the "black Pope" personally. Do you know Barney too? Cause my lil 3 yo niece wants him at her birthday party. Could you hook her up?