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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Time for Travel....

It's that time of year when most families are taking time off from their busy schedules and take some time to relax. Travel season is upon us!

I know we're headed out this summer for a great family vacation to Atlanta. This will be our first official family vacation somewhere together. We're also planning on traveling with my husband's parents and my niece as well. My thoughts were, why travel with two cars? Why waste the gas, why put the wear and tear on our own cars, when we can simply do a car rental. It made a lot more sense to me.

So until our trip, I'm researching places where I can rent a car for a great price. Advantage has a great website with easy navigation where I can search out some great prices for some great cars. They have some great Specials and Discounts on many of their car rentals, so why not check them out the next time you're traveling without a car.

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