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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Wildest Vacation...

My very first trip to Chicago was an exciting one. My boyfriend (now husband) at the time, took me and my best friend to Chicago for a week for my birthday and to meet his parents (now my In Laws).

We had such a great time in Chicago, but boy, Chicago is one crazy and busy city. I can't count the number of times we some some very WILD, WEIRD, and STRANGE people downtown Chicago. One of the places we went was to The Lincoln Park Zoo. This was a free zoo, and let me tell you, you sure get what you pay for. Last time I was there, in 2002, the cages were small, the animals looked pitiful and I just cried for them. Not only did they have the smallest cages and saddest animals I had ever seen at this zoo, they had a bunch of painted moose, painted in wild colors all over the place. Weird...

Then we decided to head to Navy Pier, and well, got lost.... We toured downtown Chicago for a while, hit some one way streets, and hit the traffic in Chicago. I must say, NEVER AGAIN will I drive downtown Chicago. The traffic is unbelievable. Turning the wrong way and wondering if we were going to get shot was quite an experience as well.

Maybe it wasn't exactly my wildest vacation, but it sure was one of the most memorable.

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