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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Sensitive Little Girl...

Tonight the girls wanted to sleep together (ok, they've been wanting to do this the past 2 nights). So I allowed them to sleep in the guest room and watch a movie at bedtime. Not that I expected them to get much sleep, but alas, it's what I did.

I found Brother Bear on the Disney Channel, so I turned to that, let them watch it, closed the door and headed back downstairs. I figured I'd be up there a few times to stop some fights or jumping on the bed or something but no, they were pretty quiet for the movie.

Now, I've never really watched Brother Bear, I've seen it briefly but never really paid too much attention to it. All I know is its a Disney animated movie about some bears and one of the bears used to be a human.

Anyways, I'm downstairs, all of a sudden I hear Lyric crying her eyes out. I run upstairs to see what's wrong and she's just crying and crying, I asked her what was wrong, she said the movie made her cry.

I asked her why, she said it was sad. I couldn't really muster up what she was saying between her crying, something about a bear fighting and wanting to be his brother again? She said it made her so sad.

Anyone have any idea what happens at the end of this movie that is so sad and possibly would make a 4 year old cry and cry and cry?

I told her it was ok to cry, that some movies made me sad too and I cried when I watched them, she said when you were a kid? I said I don't remember but now, as a grown up, movies make me cry too, she seemed good with that. I asked her if she liked the movie, she said yes, it was just very sad. I guess I just have a sensitive one, just like her Daddy.

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Katie said...

The bear that Kenai killed was Koda's mother. Kenai finally gets turned back into a human, but chooses to go back to being a bear so he can carry on caring for Koda.

Hope this helps!