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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mommy, I want..................

This is probably a familiar phrase with you mom's out there who go shopping with their kids.

Mommy, I Want............................

Most of the time, its chips, cookies, candy.....You know, all that JUNK that we don't want to give them.

Well my oldest, Lyric used that phrase a few days ago while we were grocery shopping.

I hear "Mommy, I Want..." I immediately say NO LYRIC. But when I look down, she's got this in her hand:

Yes, your seeing right. My child asked for spinach.....Now, my girls love veggies, they've been eating salads for as long as I can remember, they love them, but to have one of them ASK to get spinach is just mind boggling.

Both me and my husband were like, Lyric your not going to eat it. "Yes I will, I like spinach". Ok, we got it....

The other night I cooked it, and low and behold she ate it, she loved it! So I guess next time I hear "Mommy I Want..." I'll be waiting for the rest of the sentence to be finished before I jump on the NO YOU CAN"T HAVE THAT bit.

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